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    Today's Woman PagesRate this siteView stats
    The information and resource website especially for all women to help you save your time and save your money in everything you do every day. It's your helping hand offering articles, links & tools to help you with your business, family, health and mo
    FamilyView statsVote(s): 3
    Anrich Reg'd Doberman & Miniature PinschersRate this siteView stats
    Champion Doberman & Miniature Pinschers.Our quality speaks for itself,we breed to improve not mass produce.Home raised medically complete pups for pet/show from health tested parents.Lifetime support.
    AnimalsView statsVote(s): 188
    Lookup United KingdomRate this siteView stats
    Find lost friends and family online in the UK & Ireland now. Adoptees and birth parents especially welcome!
    FamilyView statsVote(s): 37
    Chinaroad Lowchens of AustraliaRate this siteView stats
    Showing off our multi Best In Show award winning little lion dogs of the Middle Ages!
    AnimalsView statsVote(s): 8
    Fantasy for Children & Young AdultsRate this siteView stats
    Free short stories, a free e-book to download, excerpts from my fantasy novels, writing advice, web design advice and a link to a fun HTML tutorial
    Personal pageView statsVote(s): 1
    Singlesnet.tkRate this siteView stats
    Satellite sales and service
    Personal pageView statsVote(s): 1
    The Puppy DepotRate this siteView stats
    Find ONLY small dog and puppy supplies. We scanned the online petstores and filtered out all the big dog stuff.
    FamilyView statsVote(s): 62
    Fairchild Murphy Bailey Family WebsiteRate this siteView stats
    A Family Website for the Fairchild Murphy and Bailey Families.
    FamilyView statsVote(s): 5
    Reach for the SkyRate this siteView stats
    Encouragement to reach for the sky and realise dreams. To share what I feel is the best on the 'Net'- encompassing shopping, information, genealogy, travel and games. A cornucopia of interest.
    FamilyView statsVote(s): 2
    CotonnerieRate this siteView stats
    Dedicated to a rare breed dog, the Coton de Tulear. He is white, small and certainly the best friend of all the family member. Non-shedding.
    AnimalsView statsVote(s): 20
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